Our team is 100% gamers and computer enthusiasts, all lucky enough to have made our passion our work.

x-game focus & energy sales people

Our Culture

Our workplace is open and welcoming, with ample freedom for personal development. Communication is always open between departments, providing numerous opportunities for collaboration.

We find that the best ideas arise from open discussion, brainstorming, and input from people with diverse expertise.

x-game focus & energy sales people


Pro Gamers Group has the honour of employing some of the most committed people in the industry.

Our success is attributable directly to their dedication, and their unique creativity gives rise to innovation in every facet of our business.

x-game focus & energy sales people

Our Passion

Every member of our team shares a love of gaming, from casual gamers to professional esports veterans to hardcore overclockers and modders.

It is this deep-rooted passion that creates a sense of family amongst us, a comradery expressed in loyalty, teamwork, and a fun-loving work culture.


If you share in our dreams, are ready to take the next step of immersing yourself in this exciting industry, and want to be part of a large, energetic family, check out our open positions and find the one that is right for you!

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